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A full edit focuses on refining a manuscript through in-text comments that prompt further development, as well as suggested in-line edits.

What you get:

Writers receive a manuscript with margin comments and in-line edits, as well as a two to three page single-spaced cover letter summarizing edits. Comments and suggested edits will address developmental issues related to weak or ineffective structure, uneven pacing, plot, voice/style (including continuity and clarity at the line level), as well as character development. This is not a copy edit. Attention is given to ensure that all the “threads” of the story are meeting. After delivery, we will schedule a one hour consultation to review edits and discuss next steps.

Who this service is best for:

A full edit is best for writers who have already received an editorial assessment or those writers who have developed and revised their manuscripts in ‘incubators’ at the undergraduate or graduate level, in artists’ communities, on writing retreats, or at literary agency supported intensives and pitch events.

Pricing & Scheduling:

Price is dependent on word count, draft version, previous assessment, and/or sample pages. Turnaround time is dependent on availability and project length. Completed full edits are generally returned within eight to twelve weeks.

What clients have said:

I had a great experience with Lauren, who gave my manuscript a thorough read and left me with a detailed and well-reasoned editorial review. I knew my manuscript was having some structural issues of some kind but couldn’t put my finger on what was wrong. Lauren’s insight helped me to focus in on the problems and implement solutions. I highly recommend her!
— Dorian Widling, All The Things I Might Not Be

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