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An assessment is the first step in the editorial process and perfect for those who would like to understand their manuscript in a macro sense.

What you get:

A two to five page single-spaced letter that broadly addresses the developmental potential of the text. It covers structure and overall development of plot, character, and theme. It also analyzes and comments on style, voice, sense of place, and believability, citing a handful of examples to illustrate structural strengths and weaknesses. The report will include comparative titles to your work and tailored recommendations for next steps. After delivery, I am available to clarify and discuss editorial points presented in the assessment via email. 

Who this service is best for:

Writers who benefit most from this service are those who have a completed draft they would like a second set of eyes on before proceeding to the next step of the editorial and/or publishing process. It is also an excellent option for authors who have undertaken self-editing but find themselves stuck at a developmental roadblock. An assessment can be the perfect solution for those with tighter budgets or those who need a quicker project turnaround as, oftentimes, writers feel the feedback provided is enough to guide a round of self-edits. 

Pricing & Scheduling:

Price is dependent on word count, draft version, and sample pages. Turnaround time is dependent on availability and project length. Completed assessments are generally returned within four to six weeks.

What clients have said:

I came to Lauren with my manuscript, seeking feedback before one last push on the final edit. Specifically, I wanted to make sure the story worked — was there anything major I needed to do before querying? Lauren gave me the exact insight I requested. She suggested moving a plot point to make the story tighter and also she gave me excellent feedback for more elements that a publisher would require. Even though I’m a novice, I feel confident that with Lauren’s suggestions I will be able to produce a work that will garner the attention of an agent.
— Katie Weinberger, The Islanders

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